Creating Healing Environments  

For Patients, a trip to the hospital for an examination or procedure can trigger strong emotions – fear, anxiety about their health, nervousness.  Traditionally, hospital environments, particularly Radiology and Oncology departments, have been designed to be functional.  There has not been much thought towards how the Patient will experience their healthcare.  Time and resources are lost due to patient no-shows, refusals at the time of the procedure, and sedation is often required.

Research has documented that the appropriate use of nature
·    reduces stress (Tyson, Lambert & Beattie, 2002)
·    improves health outcomes (Parsons and Hartig, 2001; Ulrich, 1999)
·    supports pain management (Ulrich, 1984)
·    promotes a sense of overall well-being among patients, visitors, and staff (Mack, 2001)

Since 1996, TESS has been specializing in improving the Patient Experience.  TESS brings the healing qualities of Nature into windowless environments with the TESS Backlit Views to Nature, designed to bring Nature indoors.  Now Patients feel more relaxed and comforted while being positively distracted by a beautiful view of nature during their examination, bringing benefits to the entire examination process.
·    Comforted, relaxed Patients lie still during procedure – less retakes, better outcomes
·    A better Patient Experience boosts Patient Satisfaction Scores
·    Staff can connect more with patients and build trust
·    Staff enjoy a more pleasant working environment
·    Patient scheduling is improved due to more predictable exam times – improving system utilization
·    Less Patient refusals because of improved environment inside exam room

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